Our Crew!


Brett palmateer, owner

Brett opened G Willikers in 2013, using his 38 years of experience with candy and ice cream to create a fun and exciting toy store! You can find him up at Bogus Basin with his wife and daughter every winter, and traveling to find the best ski hills whenever he can.

Favorite Childhood Toy: Legos

Favorite Game In-Store: Risk


Brenda fick, store manager

Brenda has been bringing her sense of adventure to G Willikers for the past two years, and now she’s around full time as the store manager! When she’s not finding the next big toy for the store, she’s finding her next adventure- from skydiving to running marathons all over the country. Ask her which one was her favorite to run!

Favorite Childhood Toy: Jump Rope

Favorite In-Store Game: Pass the Pigs BIG PIGS

Drex's sweet jump bio. pic..jpeg

Drex Shira, store manager

Drex has been working at G Willikers for 5 years, and now is bringing his passion for toys and having fun into the store full time as the manager. You can catch him wandering Boise and enjoying the scenery when he’s not busy working.

Favorite Childhood Toy: Big Wheelz

Favorite Game In-Store: Kendamas!


Joslyn Olnes

You can find Joslyn at G Willikers on weekends, when she’s not busy being an amazing preschool teacher! Outside of work, she’s always looking for the next amazing place to travel, playing outside, and hanging out with her chiweenies, Alice and Lemmy.

Favorite Childhood Toy: Pogs and Hotwheels

Favorite Game In-Store: Tech Decks


ana hall

.Ana is a Boise native with a passion for music and education. She’s your go-to for arts and crafts questions, since she spends her free time crafting tons of fun toys and decorations!

Favorite Childhood Toy: Tamagotchi

Favorite Game In-Store: Settlers of Catan


Hailee holbert

Hailee came to us after working at a day care, and is bringing with her a love of fun and excitement! When she’s not busy at work, she’s out playing with her dog or camping around Idaho. Ask her about her favorite outdoor toys, since she’s our resident expert.

Favorite Childhood Toy: Littlest Pet Shops

Favorite Game In-Store: Hookser Doosker